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Doona! Suzy & Yang Se Jong's sweet school romance!

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Lee Doona was abandoned by her parents since she was a child and lives alone with her elderly grandmother. When she was in junior high school, her grandmother passed away. Mom had to come back to organize the funeral. When it was all over, her mother abandoned her again. Growing up alone, she met her agent Park In-wook. Under his cultivation, Doona became an Idol and the most famous one in the team. But due to the lack of family affection and the abuse and insults from various anti-fans since childhood, it has endured tremendous pressure. During an important stage performance, she was unable to speak due to pressure, which also led her to choose to quit the team and become an ordinary girl.

She lives alone on the first floor of ShareHouse, and there are several college students living in shared dormitories on the second floor. One of the freshmen, Lee Won-jun, cares about and takes good care of Doona in her life. The abandonment of her mother and manager made her have different feelings for Won-jun. Won-jun originally had a crush on a girl, but after meeting Doona, he was gradually attracted to her and fell in love with her!

But Doona, who loves singing, still wants to return to the stage and continue to pursue her dream. This also means that her love with Won-jun will encounter huge challenges...