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One Piece The anime that has blazed across the globe is on a hot streak!

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Based on the anime of the same name, One Piece tells a legendary high seas adventure unlike any other. Monkey D. Luffy is a young adventurer. He has longed for a free life since he was a child. Starting from his small village, Luffy embarks on a dangerous journey to find the legendary treasure Big Hidden Treasure, determined to become the One Piece King. To find the ultimate treasure, Luffy will need to gather the crew he's always wanted to find before he can find a ship to sail, search every inch of the vast blue sea, outrun the Marines, and outwit dangerous opponents at every turn .

When Luffy first formed the Pirates, there were only five of them. Swordsman Roronoa Zoro, every battle is extremely difficult for him, and his body has been injured many times. But after two years of study, his strength has almost grown by leaps and bounds, and he will only be barely injured after fighting against the strong.

Nami is not very powerful as a navigator, but after subduing Zeus, it is equivalent to possessing the magic weapon of the Four Emperors. Ice Crystal Zeus is also more able to exert its ability on Nami. This is where Nami is strong.

Usopp became a great sea warrior after two years of special training. As a sniper, Usopp is very powerful, and Usopp is often fighting in desperate situations.

Sanji is a chef in the East China Sea, but he actually comes from the Germa 66 family, which was once the overlord of the North Sea. There also seems to be a secret about the blood factor hidden in him. The only race in the world that can use the ability to control fire is Jhin's race. Obviously, Sanji's ability to control fire should be related to bloodline factors.