Philippines · 2024
Category:  Drama · love
The story of Brenda, a seasoned call center agent who, despite her hard work, finds herself repeatedly overlooked for promotion. Her colleagues allegedly resort to giving sexual favors to their TLs (team leaders) in exchange for promotion.Although she’s disheartened by her stagnant career, she feels lucky that she gets to work in the same company with her boyfriend, Phil. Their encounters come to a halt when Phil gets transferred to a different shift.With Phil’s absence comes a new chance for Brenda to climb the corporate ladder when she meets TL Carl, the man tasked with approving her promotion. Unlike other supervisors rumored to exploit their positions, Carl presents himself with a clean reputation: a family man with no hint of scandal. Brenda feels encouraged that her hard work will finally pay off.However, it seems that Carl is harboring a secret life that Brenda will discover one day. Will Brenda finally achieve the promotion she desires? Or will her new TL only cause her more setbacks and heartbreaks?