Advance to the goddess
China · 2016
Category:  Comedy · Romantic
"The True Story of Ah Q" created by Mr. Lu Xun deeply exposes the people's morbid mental outlook during the Republic of China. "The true story of Da Q is a deep reflection on Chinese humanities education. It implicitly satirizes the lack of systematic education in the humanistic spirit and praises people for their bravery and persistence. Attitude to life. The protagonist Zhang Daqi is a genius and good student. He is smart, hardworking, and studious. After going to university, he accidentally met Wu Xiaoyan, the sister of the school flower. Stimulated by young hormones, he formulated his own courtship battle plan. By asking the goddess repeatedly, he learned that Wu Xiaoyan likes boys who can play King of Fighters, basketball and connotation. In Zhang Daqi's heart, chasing girls is like that sentence in an exam. As long as he collects all the pieces, he can capture the heart of the beauty. To march towards the goddess with the faith of victory