The rivers and lakes fierce
China · 2018
Category:  Action
The movie tells the secret Buddha's passage of Xu Wei and friends to get Xiaoli in a small village, with the Kung Fu, since the abuse of Kung Fu, satisfied her private desire to be out of the teacher. Xu Wei fifth and dried children came to the big city, and met the public welfare lawyers Bai Xiaoyue. Yan Wu and dry children in order to make a living in the street selling art, the opportunity to meet the property company's boss Wei Wei, two people become her hand, engage in demolition work, the status of the two gradually climb, adding in the desire of substances And the relationship between Xu Wei's five with Wei Wei is also increasing, and all this is the conspiracy of Zhou Xiang, a secret pass Buddha, and Zhou Xiang is a brother of Xu Weifang's region. Extended the teacher, in order to bring the secret Buddha to the Hand, he carefully designed a big bureau ...