China · 2003
Category:  Drama
Chen Shixun is a university graduate majoring in business management. He has always been depressed in the small city in the north. With the full support of his wife Qin Hailian, Chen Shixun went to the East China Sea to invest in a healthcare company. Unexpectedly, he was deceived of his family's savings for more than ten years. He had to drive a taxi instead of someone else to make a living. In a car accident, Chen Shixun accidentally rescued a girl named Princess Princess. Gong Zhuli is the vice president of Xiyi Group, and her father is the president of this private enterprise with hundreds of millions of assets. Qin Hailian's family was still expecting Chen Shixun to take his family to the East China Sea, but Chen Shixun was gone...Qin Hailian and Chen's mother suddenly couldn't contact Chen Shixun, the phone could not be reached, and there was no letter, and Chen Shixun seemed to have completely disappeared in this world. Qin Hailian was very worried about Chen Shixun's safety. While looking for her husband, she came to work in Donghai at the same time. However, Qin Hailian often encountered inexplicable dangers. Several songs were pushed into the subway at one time; once, the gas at home suddenly turned on; once, the house suddenly caught fire...Qin Hailian was puzzled by all this? My husband is gone, my work and life are too bad. what should I do? With the help of He Yuanyuan, a reporter from the TV Legal Forum, Qin Hailian conducted a search and finally found the man behind this series of conspiracies? The law will try Chen Shixun, who was corrupted by money and guilty of premeditated murder and bigamy. The evolution of human nature from good to evil has kept Chen Shixun in darkness forever.