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Strong Girl Nam-soon falls in love with handsome detective Ong Seong-wu~

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Gang Nam-soon went to Mongolia with his father when he was young. But she accidentally got lost and became an international missing child. She was later adopted by a Mongolian couple. She grew up in Mongolia with magical powers since she was a child. At the age of 22, she decided to return to South Korea to find her biological parents. But he was accidentally involved in a large-scale crime involving "new drugs".

Gang Nam-soon's mother strives to live a life full of justice in order to find her lost daughter, hoping that God will favor her and allow her daughter to return home soon. She has been silently fighting drug crimes and punishing villains. The three generations with mysterious power inheritance will influence each other and feel each other's power. In the end, they will fight against drug crimes in Jiangnan together.

Kang Hee-shik is a handsome detective, and his family members are all elites from Seoul National University. Because drug crimes are increasing day by day, the police department specially formed a secret investigation team to fight against crime. One day he was hit by a bell brought from Mongolia by Gang Nam-soon. He also got to know this wild-horse girl and promised her that he would help her find her mother. As they got along with each other day by day, he became a part of Gang Nam-soon's life!